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Theory of Origin of Disease

According to modern views this disease is caused due to genetic causes, ImmunO deficiency, stress and change in season.

Dr Dhawan claim that no doubt these factors effect the progress of Disease but are not the only causes of this disease.

So there are other factors which have to be considered.

These Factors are

  Vitiation of VATA and pitta
Due to taking opposite foods like taking milk in combination with curd, reddish, sour tasting foods. vata gets vitiated.

This vitiated vata ALONG WITH PITTA effects our nervous system causing defective signals to skin and produces psoriasis.
  Accumulation of DOOSHI VISHAS (SLOW POISONS) in our blood due to indigestion and constipation.
  Decrease in ROGPRATIRODHAK POWER (IMMUNITY) in our body due to changes in lifestyle, irregular diet, stress and more and unhealthy sex.
  Excessive use of curd, black pepper, sea food, and less sun light ARE TRIGGERS OF THIS DISEASE.

In my clinical practice i have noticed that:
There are three pillars who support our body.
1. aahar(food)
2. nidra(sleep)
3. Bramcharaya(sex)
a person who is taking proper aahar, is having good night sleep, and protects his semen is less likely to be effected by psoriasis even though he is having family history of this disease.

Things which can trigger this Disease according to Ayurveda

   The main triggers of skin diseases according to ayurvedic is
  Using opposite quality food at the same time. That is using CURD with MILK, or FISH with MILK, or ACHAR with MILK or HONEY with GHEE. These are opposite foods and if taken together produces slow poisons in our body. I have seen people taking fish preparations and paneer preparations along with alcohal. This is deadly combination and can lead to skin diseases. Because fish and milk products like paneer are contraindicated.
  Using cold drinks and cold water when you are in stress or after hard physical work. This is just like injury to skin And injury is a proved cause of psoriasis trigger.
  Taking more food at night before the lunch is properly digested.this will produce slow poisons which will be released in blood.
  Having sex within one hour of dinner ,because one hour is required by our body to secrete the juices to digest the food and if our attention is diverted towards sex these juices stop produsing ,and again food is converted into slow poisons.
  Sleeping during day time except in summer season.
  Stopping the natural Vegas, stool, Urine and semen are natural Vegas one should not stop them. If you feel constipation the poisons present in stool are reabsorbed in our blood.
  Using heavy meals in brekfast, lunch and dinner all in one day. Because it is difficult to digest heavy food in all the three meals.

There is a very simple theory, If a person is bitten by a poisons insect. Itching and raches appear on whole of the body. That is poison of that insect is thrown out of our system through our skin.

Similarly the slow poisons produced by above said deeds are thrown out through the skin and this produces PSORIASIS.

Psoriasis triggers modern views

Psoriasis is not contagious-no one can "catch" it from another person. Because of their genes, certain people are more likely to develop it, but a "trigger" is usually necessary to make psoriasis appear. These triggers may include emotional stress, injury to the skin, some types of infection and reaction to certain drugs.


Stress is a proven trigger in some people. It can cause psoriasis to flare for the first time or aggravate existing psoriasis.

Relaxation and stress reduction may help people with psoriasis. For example, not only does relaxation help lower stress levels, but also it gives people a feeling of control. These techniques, however, seem to work best with traditional medical treatments, instead of using the techniques alone.

How can people cope with stress?
Cope with the stigma: A stigma-a characteristic that other people think of as negative-can erode a person's self-esteem. Low self-esteem can lead to stress, and possibly a worsening of psoriasis. One way to overcome the stigma, however, is to understand how and why it occurs.

Hypnosis: This relaxation technique may help people who are using other treatments. For example, one study found that people who listen to meditation-based relaxation tapes while they are using light therapy may clear faster than those who don't listen to the tapes.

Injury to skin
Sometimes psoriasis appears in areas of the skin that have been injured or traumatized. This is called the "Koebner phenomenon" Vaccinations, sunburns and scratches can all trigger a Koebner (KEB-ner) response. The Koebner response can be treated if it is caught early enough. For example, people receiving a vaccination may be at risk for the Koebner response, but the physician can bring it under control if the psoriasis occurs at the injection site.

Certain medications are associated with triggering psoriasis.

Lithium: Used to treat manic depression and other psychiatric disorders. Lithium aggravates psoriasis in about half of those with psoriasis who take it. However, people can ask their physicians about alternatives to lithium.

Antimalarials: Quinacrine, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine may cause a flare of psoriasis, usually two to three weeks after the drug is taken. Hydroxychloroquine has the lowest incidence of side effects.

Inderal: This high blood pressure medication worsens psoriasis in about 25 percent to 30 percent of patients with psoriasis who take it. It is not known if all high blood pressure (beta blocker) medications worsen psoriasis, but they may have that potential. Sometimes other medications can be substituted.

Quinidine: This heart medication has been reported to worsen some cases of psoriasis.

Indomethacin: This drug is used to treat arthritis. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It has worsened some cases of psoriasis. Other anti-inflammatories usually can be substituted. Indomethacin's negative effects are usually minimal when it is taken properly. Its side effects are usually outweighed by its benefits in psoriatic arthritis.

What are other triggers?

Weather: May make skin drier and more susceptible to a psoriasis outbreak.

Strep infection: May trigger guttate psoriasis.

Diet: Although unproven, changing the diet has helped some people improve their psoriasis or avoid flares.

Allergies: Although unproven, some people suspect that allergies trigger their psoriasis.
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